Protected or Unprotected?

When it comes to possession of wildlife within the state of Texas, there are basically two types of animals: those whose possession is prohibited by law, and those that are not. It is unlawful to possess most wildlife that you encounter in the state of Texas. This includes birds, mammals, reptiles, and fish.

Species that are protected are native and/or migratory. Most "non-protected" species are considered invasive, and encroach on the habitat and consume foods that are necessary for the survival of native and beneficial species which have a role in the local ecosystems.

Non-protected Birds

There are several species of birds which are not protected, but as nestlings or fledges, commonly show up for rehabilitation. This means that you can care for them yourself and allow the rehabilitators to care for those which are illegal for others to possess.

The menu item to the right takes you to general care guidelines for baby European Starlings and European Sparrows.